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    Auto EV India 2022 to Harbor the Primary and Leading Technologies for Electric Vehicle Ecosystem

    Auto EV India 2022 (an EV Technology Exhibition) is all set to raise its curtains from 9-11 November 2022 at KTPO ground, Bengaluru, India. Deemed to be India’s biggest exposition on Electric vehicles, components, Parts & Materials, batteries, technology and testing, the mega trade event will deliver a strong impetus to local electric vehicle components and technology manufacturers.

    From public transportation to e-scooters the entire transport industry is turning electric. India’s electric vehicle market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 90 per cent to touch $150 billion by 2030. The demand incentives provided under FAME II, the launch of state policies, rising fuel prices, tightening emissions laws, and increasing awareness of the green environment are a few factors making the sector attractive to larger automobile players and financial investors. Looking at the facts, Auto EV India 2022 is the need of the hour for the larger benefit of the EV sector.

    Auto EV India 2022 comes at a pertinent moment when the pandemic has subsided substantially. This is a huge relief not only for the common man but for the industry and economy as a whole too. Finally, the long-disrupted supply chain and the devastating industry from the knockdown punches of the pandemic can stand on its feet again.

    The changing macroeconomic environment in the world has spawned several advantages for India relative to other emerging markets, giving birth to new opportunities that the country needs to take advantage of to meet the government’s aim of growing the economy to $5 trillion. The electric vehicle industry is one of the most exciting, significant and necessary areas of innovation today. The global electric vehicle market was valued at $163.01 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $823.75 billion by 2030. India has already shown its keen interest to be a major part of this automotive paradigm shift.

    Electrification will also be a key enabler of reducing vehicular emissions, a potent contributor to around 7% of GDP or 14 lakh crores loss every year, reports suggest. Therein lies a huge opportunity for India

    By a conservative estimate, around 150+ exhibitors and 25,000+ visitors are expected to showcase and visit the show. Since the market is very vibrant and the world focus is on Electric Vehicles, the number of exhibitors and visitors is likely to increase. Auto EV India is slated to be one of the world’s premier EV Auto and technology shows. A path-breaking event that harnesses the best minds presenting on a single platform to showcase that is the best available in the realm of the automotive world, in terms of products, technologies, concepts, and trends.

    Auto EV India 2022 is an EV Technology exhibition and is broadly focusing on Drive systems, Rechargeable next-generation Batteries, Motor Technologies, Parts and Materials, Microcontrollers, Driver ICs, Control Modules, Software, Sensors, Measurement and Simulation, Production Facilities, Inverters, Peripherals, Converters, Power Devices, Passive Elements, Heat-Resistant Products, Inverter Evaluation and Testing System, Chargers, Connectors, and Harnesses. The event also aims to enable a large showcase of the new EV models & innovative solutions.

    The show offers the massive opportunity to meet the manufacturers, suppliers, engineers, influencers, and purchase heads focused on the latest developments in technology and the entire ecosystem in the e-mobility industry. Poised to be the most anticipated electric vehicle technology exhibition in India, Auto EV India 2022 will highlight India’s potential to become the world’s most lucrative e-mobility market.

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