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    Automotive Electronics with Rennova Solutions

    Explore the Latest Automotive Technologies and Solutions from Rennova Solutions exclusively at Auto EV India 2022 from 9th to 11th November 2022 at KTPO Bengaluru.


    Automotive Headlamp Controllers automatically control the vehicle headlights. It reduces driver intervention and thereby avoids accidents. These products are highly customizable as per customer requirements.

    Auto Low Beam ON Controller
    • Auto Low Beam ON controller senses the environmental light and automatically controls the vehicle’s low beam light
    • When the environmental light level is less than 1000 lux, Low Beam light is automatically turned ON
    • When the environmental light level is greater than 5000 lux, Low Beam light is automatically turned OFF
    • Passed all environmental tests and EMI tests as per regulation ECE R10 Rev5 and obtained E-marking number for the product.
    • This system is mandated in ECE member countries as per the regulation ECE R48 Revision 6 – Amendment 5


    Auto Dipping System
    • Automatically switches OFF the high beam light when sensing the opposite vehicle’s headlight
    • It avoids accidents due to High beam glare
    • This system is mandated in all mining vehicles in India as per the DGMS circular No. 5 dated 13/10/2010


    Light Sensor Unit
    • Light sensor unit measures the ambient light in the range of milli Lux to 16000 lux and outputs the data via LIN interface
    • These Light Sensor Units can be integrated with existing Body Control ECUs or Lamp ECUs of vehicles


    • Variants are available for 12V and 24V Power supply systems.
    • It can be integrated to vehicles both with and without Headlamp ECUs.
    • Configurable light level thresholds and sensor recalibration support.
    • Sensor Unit and Control Unit communicate through robust LIN digital interface.
    • Open load and Short circuit detections of low beam and high beam. So as to avoid the blackout situation.
    • Proprietary PC based Diagnostics tool.
    • Automotive grade components and Automotive Standard Compliant.
    • ECE R10 Rev 5 certified.
    • Usage of non-electro mechanical switches improves Reliability and Durability.


    Wiring Harness
    • Automotive wiring harness for trucks, cars and two wheelers
    • General wiring harness for industrial applications
    • Bus bar design and construction for high power applications



    Courtesy: Rennova Solutions

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