Friday, June 2, 2023
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    Compact Transformers for DC/DC Converters

    TDK presents the EPCOS E10 EM series, a new range of insulated SMT transformers that are suitable for various DC/DC converters topologies and gate driver circuits in e-mobility and industrial electronics.


    • Available in 4 models with basic winding insulation
    •  N1 / N2 creepage ≥ 6 mm, clearance ≥ 5.5 mm
    • Depending on the model, the turns ratio is between 1:0.76 and 4:1
    • The working voltage of 500 VRMS and reinforced insulation of 300 VRMS
    • Extremely compact design with a dimension of 11.7 x 13.15 x 11.35 mm3
    • Ferrite Core IVInZn
    • SMD Gullwing pins, Triple Insulated wire, Non-Conductive Pick, and Place cap on top
    • High reproducibility and reliability as a result of highly automated production & A01 final inspection
    • Qualified in accordance with AEC-0200 Rev. D

    Main Field of Applications

    DC/DC Converters and gate driver circuits in e-mobility and industrial electronics

    Main Features and Benefits

    • Compact dimensions of just 11.7×13.15×11.35 mm3
    • Compliance with the IEC 60664-1 standard for clearance & creepage
    • Qualified in accordance with AEC-Q200 Rev. D