Sunday, April 2, 2023
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    ElectronEV to set foot in Indian Electric Vehicles market

    Indian EV markets are all set to welcome the US-based ElectronEV which has announced its plans to enter the Indian commercial electric vehicles by launching light/ medium and heavy commercial vehicles. With a fleet of over 500 electric commercial vehicles (eCVs) running in the US, the brand claims it is introducing its services, including customized electric vehicles, vehicle management solutions, fleet management solutions, digital cockpit, IoT solutions, real-time data analytic solutions, and charging Infrastructure to the fast-growing Indian market.

    With this, ElectronEV plans to introduce its proprietary EV technology through its EVs and end-to-end mobility solutions for markets like India, South East Asia, Australia, and Europe. The product portfolio will consist of delivery vans, trucks, and buses.

    The company is planning to target the pain areas like the limitations of the battery technology, high capital expenditure, price of the EVs, availability of charging infrastructure, and the time taken to fully charge an electric vehicle through its smart, modular, heavy-duty battery with intelligent adaptive chassis and software-driven powertrain.

    ElectronEV will adopt a manufacturing strategy of setting up micro-factories in conjunction with a modular technology stack to provide higher production volumes closer to target customers.

    Rakesh Koneru, Founder, ElectronEV said, “India is emerging as the largest and fastest growing market for electric vehicles. That is why our products will cater to the demand for B2B and B2C segments in India.”

    With the expertise and experience in a fleet of commercial electric vehicles running in the United States, ElectronEV says it is committed to providing sustainable mobility solutions with its products in the CEV (Commercial Electric Vehicles) market in India.

    As per vahan data, the sales for the month of July for medium and heavy commercial vehicles stand at 8,522 units, clocking 57 percent YoY growth against 5,416 vehicles sold last July. Light commercial vehicle sales grew by 33 percent at 4,475 units compared to 3,357 units sold in the same month last year. The passenger carrier segment also saw a massive three-fold growth YoY.