EV Charging Solutions

    Let’s assume that you have already bought the charging station and a technical team of installers has already set it up in your car park and it is ready to be used. Well, what now?

    You will probably want to control billing, determine who can charge and who can’t (whether only your customers or any user regardless of the hotel or restaurant concerned), know when it is available or busy, etc., but you may be wondering. How do I get all this information? our EV charging stations management software!

    What if I want to add information to the hotel’s corporate website about the availability of the EV charging station so that my customers can see it at all times? That’s where Developer, the platform for developers, comes in.

    So, let’s discover the EV charging solutions that each platform can offer you!

    But before we start detailing them, we would like to point out that we offer four different plans to suit your company’s needs:

    • Home: plan with the basic and essential functionalities for those owners of a private EV charging station (for example, a family that has a charging station installed in their private garage or in a communal one).
    • Business: ideal plan for small or medium-sized companies that have several charging stations for their visitors or employees, such as hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and shopping centers.
    • Enterprise: for those charging station owners (known as operators or CPOs) who have a charging network.
    • Ultimate: for those operators who have a large global charging network and need customized integrations and functionalities.

    One of the most outstanding features of our EV charging stations management software is that you can access and manage your charging stations from any device (laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone) and from anywhere. And the best thing is that the information you can consult at all times is in real-time!

    This means that, for example, if a charging station is no longer available and is now reserved, you will see this on Connect instantly – no more waiting!

    So, the most important features offered are as follows:

    • Charging area management

    Define as many charging zones as you want by establishing the charging stations that make them up, as well as the number of vehicles that each station admits (services) and the connector types, and, finally, select the users or groups of users that can charge at each station.

    • Charging session management

    You will be able to see at any time the historical details of all the charging sessions carried out (both active and completed), as well as access to the details of each one of them, which will allow you to view multiple parameters (such as the user, the operator assigned, the charging time, etc.) and graphs of the progress of the power and consumption during the charging session.

    • Billing and payments

    The place to Plug Connect allows you to manage invoices for the charging sessions performed by your users, as well as manage billing between different sub-operators and automate invoices.

    • Issue management

    Our EV charging stations management software allows you to manage issues instantly thanks to our Pluggy virtual assistant, which automatically creates issues related to your charging infrastructure in cases of lack of connectivity. You will therefore be able to solve incidents at the operator level (i.e. in relation to your charging stations) and those reported by users.

    • Custom tariffs

    A great added value of Connect is that you can create and define complex tariffs taking into account any variable such as a group of users performing the charge, time elements, station power, consumption elements… Everything you can imagine can be defined in a tariff!

    • Custom statistics

    The good and best thing is that we can get fully customised graphs to know the evolution of your charging services. Thus, we can obtain customised statistics according to multiple parameters such as charging sessions, electricity consumed, users, CO2 savings, incomes, payment methods…

    And, as we have said, our EV charging stations management software offers more than 100 features, among which you can also find:

    • Integration of your charging point or charging stations with the Place to Plug app for electric car drivers so that any user can use them with their smartphone
    • Bookings management by electric car drivers
    • Management and definition of operators and sub-operators
    • Smart Charging system
    • Activation of charging stations with RFID cards
    • Vehicle and fleet management
    • Communication with users and operators
    • Management of users and user groups
    • Customised reports about charging sessions, reservations, users, payments…
    • Customisation of the Connect interface with your operator’s branding
    • White label app for electric car drivers
    • Embed charging station map

    The place to Plug Developer also allows you to customise the controls of that map by:

    • Enabling or disabling search
    • Enabling or disabling filters
    • Enable or disable map controls
    • Enable or disable location centring

    And as extra settings, you will also be able to:

    • Choose between light, dark, or custom theme
    • Filter by charge point operator
    • Use your own icons to represent your charging stations

    So, with just a couple of clicks, you will have your customised map on your website or app and with real-time data representation! You’ll be able to impress your customers by showing the charging stations’ status changes (available, occupied, booked…) live and with eye-catching animations.

    • Add charging station widget

    If instead of adding a map you prefer to add a component to your web or app with the information of your charging stations, or you want to add both options, you will be able to do it quickly and easily.

    What does this widget let us know?

    • Charging station information: how many services it offers
    • Real-time status of each connector: green means available, red means busy, and yellow means reserved
    • Connector type (Mennekes, CHAdeMO, CCS…)
    • Charging type; whether normal, semi-fast, fast or ultra-fast (15 kW, 50 kW, 150 kW…)
    • Tariff price

    Attention! Soon this widget will allow you to operate the charging station. This means that users of your website or app will be able to start and stop a charging session by clicking on this widget without having to be redirected to other websites or external apps.

    In addition, at Place to Plug Developer we allow you to customise this widget by selecting what you want to display: whether the entire charging area (as in the image above), whether a specific charging station or whether a specific service or connector, as in the image below:

    • Access real-time data

    Thanks to our platform you can access a geolocated database of worldwide charging stations providing live status and pricing information, with reliable data combined with intelligent data analysis algorithms to provide rich and reliable results.

    • Event-based API

    The place to Plug Developer offers a modern, flexible and event-based API that provides real-time information to develop your own EV charging solutions, simplifying usage and management of your charging stations.

    Development lovers, you can test our GraphQL API by practising with our playground!

    A Place to Plug we offer an end-to-end solution; from the sale and installation of the ideal charging station for your business to its further management and integration with our app for electric car drivers:

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