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    Littelfuse Unveils Load Switch ICs Series with Ultra-Low Power Consumption Extends Battery Lifetime

    Small form factor and best-in-class efficiency make them ideal for IoT, mobile, wearable electronics.

    Littelfuse, Inc., an industrial technology manufacturing company empowering a sustainable, connected, and safer world, announced the latest release of five versatile load switch devices in the Protection ICs product line.

    These new Load Switch ICs are ultra-efficient, 2 and 4 A-rated load switches with integrated true reverse current blocking (TRCB) and slew rate control. Their best-in-class efficiency makes them ideal for mobile and wearable consumer electronics. They support the industry’s lowest quiescent current (IQ), low RON, and shutdown current (ISD), helping designers reduce parasitic leakage current, improve system efficiency, and increase overall battery lifetime.

    The latest Load Switch ICs are ideal for use in a wide range of electronics designs, including:

    • Handheld devices,
    • Wearables,
    • Internet of Things (IoT),
    • SSD storage,
    • Building automation, and
    • Consumer electronics.

    “The new Load Switch IC Series supports an extended battery lifetime for mobile and wearable products by providing low power consumption and power savings with easy-to-power on/off control,” said Bernie Hsieh, Assistant Product Manager of the Protection Semiconductor Business team at Littelfuse. “Their package’s chip-scale form factor provides space savings while integrating multiple functions, such as slew rate control, true reverse current blocking, and quick output discharging.”

    The Load Switch ICs offer the following key benefits over previous solutions:

    • Power saving results in a significantly longer battery lifetime.
    • The lower power consumption (lower RON, IQ, ISD) provides high-efficiency operation.
    • They use a chip-scale package (with WLCSP) to replace discrete circuits with multiple functional integrations such as power MOSFET, reverse diode, discharge MOSFET, passive components, etc.
    • The chip-scale-size form factor also significantly reduces PCB space requirement.

    The Load Switch ICs are available in the following series:

    • LQ05021QCS4 – 5V, 2A Ultra-Low Consumption with Slew Rate Control
    • LQ05021RCS4 – 5V, 2A Ultra-Low Consumption with True Reverse Current Blocking
    • LQ05022QCS4 – 5V, 2A Ultra-Low Consumption with Slew Rate Control
    • LQ05041QCS6 – 5V, 4A, Ultra-Low Consumption with Slew Rate Control
    • LQ05041RCS6 – 5V, 4A Ultra-Low Consumption with True Reverse Current Blocking

    The load switch devices utilize a small, chip-scale package with:

    • Four (4) bumps in a 0.77 mm x 0.77 mm x 0.46 mm package size on a 0.4 mm pitch,
    • Four (4) bumps in a 0.97 mm x 0.97 mm x 0.55 mm die size on a 0.4 mm pitch, or
    • Six (6) bumps in a 97 mm x 1.47 mm x 0.55 mm package size on a 0.5 mm pitch.


    The Load Switch ICs are available in tape and reel format in quantities of 4,000 (LQ05021QCS4, LQ05021RCS4, LQ05022QCS4) or 3,000 (LQ05041QCS6, LQ05041RCS6). Place sample requests through authorized Littelfuse distributors worldwide. For a listing of Littelfuse distributors, please visit

    For More Information
    Additional information on the latest series release is available on the Load Switch ICs product page under the Protection ICs product line. For technical questions, please contact Bernie Hsieh, Assistant Product Manager, Protection Semiconductor Business,

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    Himanshu Vaibhav
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