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    More about Alnico Magnets

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    Alnico are precipitation hardened alloys requiring special heat treatment techniques. The raw materials used are Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, Aluminum, and Iron. Titanium, silicon, etc. are added in certain proportions. The raw materials in their purest form are melted in medium frequency induction furnaces and castings are made using conventional sand or shell mould.

    The heat treatment consists of heating the alloy in a furnace to well above its curie-point and holding it at that temperature for some time. This is followed by controlled cooling after which the castings are reheated and held for a long period at a temperature of about 600ᵒC. This aging process increases the coercive force and the energy product. Finally, the castings are ground to obtain close dimensional tolerances whenever necessary and inspected for physical and magnetic accuracy.


    Excellent temperature stability, high residual induction, and relatively high energies characterize AlNiCo material. They can be manufactured in a number of complex shapes such as horseshoes.



    Applications of various typical cast Magnets – Alnico


    Chuck Magnet  





    Drain Plug Magnets







    Relay Magnets






    Speedometer and Sensor Magnets





    Educational Magnets






    Measuring Instrument & Weighing Balance Magnets






    Automobile Strainer Magnets






    Rotor Magnets






    PML also specializes in manufacturing isotropic magnets. These types of magnets have the unique property of exhibiting Multiple Poles.