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    Texas Instruments Unveils Automotive-Qualified H-Bridge Driver Enhancing Control for Brushed DC Motors and Solenoids

    Modern Vehicles Benefit from Advanced Control Systems for Traditional Technologies

    In a rapidly evolving automotive landscape, marked by innovations in electric and hybrid vehicles, Texas Instruments introduces the DRV8242-Q1 automotive-qualified H-bridge driver. This sophisticated driver, equipped with integrated current sense and diagnostics, is designed to enhance control and management of both brushed DC motors and solenoids in the demanding automotive environment.

    Key Features and Benefits:

    • N-channel H-bridge integration
    • Charge pump regulator
    • High-side current sensing with regulation
    • Current proportional output
    • Comprehensive protection circuitry

    Performance Highlights:

    • Operating range: 4.5 to 35 V
    • Logic inputs support: 3.3 and 5 V
    • Low quiescent current in sleep mode: 1.3 µA
    • Maximum output current: 6 A
    • PWM frequency operation: Up to 25 kHz with automatic dead-time assertion
    • Configurable slew rate and spread-spectrum clocking for low EMI

    Advanced Configuration and Monitoring:

    • SPI interface variants (SPI(P) and SPI(S))
    • Voltage monitoring and load diagnostics
    • Configurable fault reaction (latched or retry)
    • Overcurrent, overtemperature, and supply-voltage monitoring
    • Integrated current sense, eliminating the need for a separate shunt resistor
    • Proportional load-current output and configurable current regulation

    Package Options:

    • 3.5 × 4.5-mm, 20-lead QFN package
    • Additional package options available

    Application in Automotive Environment:

    • AEC-Q100-qualified for automotive applications
    • Temperature grade 1: –40 to +125°C

    Flexibility in Device Configuration:

    • Hardwired interface variant (HW)
    • SPI interface variants for externally or internally generated logic supply (SPI(P) and SPI(S))

    Comprehensive Datasheet:

    • 70-page datasheet includes setup, waveforms, timing, and critical design-in information

    While many may assume that brushless DC motors dominate the automotive landscape, Texas Instruments recognizes the enduring relevance of brushed DC motors and solenoids. The DRV8242-Q1 offers a tailored solution, providing advanced control, monitoring, and protection features crucial for modern automotive architectures. The absence of an evaluation module is compensated by a detailed layout example in the datasheet, facilitating seamless integration into diverse automotive applications.

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