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    Top 5 Incredible Features of the EV Yatra app

    On December 14, 2022, President Droupadi Murmu unveiled the “EV Yatra app” web platform and mobile application to promote the use of e-mobility in the nation. The President stressed that ensuring that future generations breathe clean air, achieve significant advances, and live healthy lives should be everyone’s primary concern in her speech. A basic human right is an ability to breathe clean air.
    Every year on December 14, National Energy Conservation Day is commemorated to promote awareness of the necessity of conserving energy resources in order to combat climate change and stop global warming. It was established in 1991, the year the inaugural National Energy Conservation Awards were given out.

    Here are 5 incredible features of the EV Yatra app that was launched to benefit EV Consumers.

    • In-Vehicle Navigation

    The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) created the EV-Yatra smartphone app to make it easier for EV customers to navigate to the closest public charger while in their vehicle.

    • Charge point operators

    Charge point operators (CPOs) are given the opportunity to sign up on the platform and enter information into the National Online Database.

    • A one-stop platform that provides all info 

    It offers information on things like the different charger types that are installed at the EV charging station, the cost to charge the electric vehicle, the services that the charging stations offer, etc.

    • Pre-book charging slot 

    The application increases efficiency and convenience at the charging stations by allowing users to reserve a charging spot in advance and providing information about the slots’ current availability.

    • Available in Hindi and English 

    Both English and Hindi are presently supported languages for the program. It is available for download through the Apple Store and Google Playstore. With the majority of smartphones, it works.

    Growth and adoption of EVs in India

    Approximately 5,151 public EV charging stations are now in use in India. Yet there are about 18 lakh EVs on the road today. There are around 698 charging stations in Karnataka, 660 in Maharashtra, and 539 in Delhi for electric vehicles. The biggest EV sectors in India are found in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and Maharashtra.

    The Indian government is now putting a number of plans into action to encourage the use of electric vehicles and create a robust public charging infrastructure. In India, a network of EV charging stations is being built. Additionally, it has implemented production-linked incentive (PLI) programs to encourage the domestic manufacture of electric vehicles, their parts, and battery cells. To encourage adoption even further, the updated safety regulations have been updated in accordance with worldwide standards.