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    Wide Range of Fasteners for Automotive Application by Avlock

    Explore the Latest Automotive Technologies and Solutions from Avlock International India exclusively at Auto EV India 2022 from 9th to 11th November 2022 at KTPO Bengaluru.

    Avlock India is engaged in the manufacturing of Specialty Fasteners and Installation Equipment in India. Their products have a wide range of applications in both Light & Heavy Engineering Industries.

    In addition to their own manufactured products, Avlock India also acts as distributors for several, well-known leading International Fastener, Sealing Technology and Miscellaneous Hardware manufacturers for complimentary products.

    SFC Koenig Products:


    • Push Type Expanders:

    Push Type expander plugs effectively seal drilled holes. These parts feature a serrated sleeve which expands as the ball is inserted, enlarging the part to the needed size and sealing the hole.

    • Pull Type Expanders:

    Pull-style expanders use an integrated mandrel to insert the expander plug into a drilled hole. They are ideal for installations with space or weight constraints.

    • Flow Restrictors:

    It is designed to restrict flow in fluid systems and is available in a variety of orifice sizes. These flow restrictors are tamper resistant and provide proven performance even in high-vibration applications, with a maximum working pressure of 210 bar (3045 psi) depending on the base material and part size, restrictors securely install into drilled holes with fast and easy installation, effectively controlling the flow of both fluids and gasses.

    • Check Valve:

    SFC Koenig offers a variety of check valves for various application requirements. Cracking pressures can be optimized to your system requirements.


    Breakstem is mainly called pop rivets. Breakstem Fasteners are used where access is limited to one side of the work surface only, available in various types & different materials. They are widely used in all sheet metal industries and finding more and more applications in plastics & composites.


    Hydranut is also called Rivet Nut. Hydranut is used where a thin sheet workpiece requires internal threads and has accessibility from one side only, available in various types & different materials. They are widely used in all sheet metal industries and offer high strength and are cost-effective and time-saving replacements for weld nuts.

    Avlock International India Pvt. Ltd. is an Indo-South African joint venture established in 2014 and headquartered in Mumbai, India. Previously Avlock South Africa headquartered in Johannesburg, they were distributing its products in India through Avdel (India) and have supplied more than 4 million fasteners, 500 power rigs and handheld installation tools to various customers in India, including the Indian Railway, Solar, Mining and Automotive industries, to name a few.

    Avlock’s aim for the Indian & foreign markets is to create awareness of our products in every segment of the industry and to ensure that all our prestigious customers receive a high calibre of service and superior product quality at a competitive price.

    At the present time, Avlock India is looking to establish strategic marketing tie-ups with distributors around the world to promote their own manufactured power rigs, tools and special fasteners. Our endeavour is to have a good distribution network in place in Europe by the end of 2022.