Thursday, March 23, 2023
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    Bolt Lite – India’s Most Affordable Universal EV Charging Socket launched

    BOLT, one of the country’s largest electric vehicle charging networks, has now launched India’s first safest and most affordable universal EV charging socket – BOLT LITE. The made-in-India charging socket is designed to be compatible with all portable chargers that are offered with electric vehicles. Also, the BOLT LITE operates on the domestic AC power supply, and it is launched at an introductory price of Rs 2,599. As per the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ forecast, there would be over 1.3 million EVs on Indian roads by August this year. However, the goal is to have increased penetration of electric vehicles in the Indian market.

    To do so, the market needs a safe charging solution for domestic use, and BOLT with its new LITE charging socket is trying to address the issues, the company claims. The BOLT LITE has been designed to address all the issues arising from ineffective home charging and provides EV consumers with a safe and affordable solution to charge their EVs. BOLT LITE is compatible with two, three, and four-wheel EVs and requires no additional infrastructure, and can be installed in under 30 minutes with little to no maintenance. It offers a dual layer of protection with an in-built MCB that automatically switches off electrical circuits during any abnormal condition in the electrical network such as overload and short circuit conditions.

    Furthermore, the smart energy meter provides bifurcation for energy consumed by the BOLT LITE charging socket vs. the power supply of the home via the BOLT app. BOLT LITE is IP65 certified, and therefore provides complete protection from dust, oil, water, and other non-corrosive material and can endure all weather conditions. Not only does BOLT LITE give an efficient power transfer, but users also get faster charging to help ensure their EV is fully charged overnight.

    BOLT LITE is India’s first smart charging socket that is IoT-enabled and helps connect EV users across the country. It comes with an energy calculator to monitor power consumption and gives the user access to a lifetime of passive income. Owners can choose to switch the device status between ‘Public’ and ‘Private’, where ‘Public’ charging sockets are open to the public and are available for booking on the BOLT app. The charging sockets marked as ‘Private’ are exclusively for the use of device owners. Furthermore, BOLT LITE can be operated with or without the BOLT app and supports both Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and WiFi communication. When set to private mode, BOLT LITE does not require the internet or the BOLT app to be operated.