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    Can the Industry Afford to Fail the EV Exhibitions in a Row?

    AUTO EV India 2022 (09-11 November 2022, KTPO Bengaluru) opens the window to success.

    A number of EV exhibitions have mushroomed up in India recently. Almost every month there is an EV show happening in some or the other part of India. Looking at its market size, the EV industry cannot afford to sustain a large number of shows and are bound to fail.

    The EV industry in India has a whooping growth rate and will be a US$ 206 billion opportunity by 2030. Sensing the opportunity a number of people have entered the business of event organization. The empirical evidence shows that most of the shows have proven to be flop show. Why is it happening is a million-dollar question? There is something not right with the organizational capabilities of the companies. That is why most of the exhibitions on EVs turn out to be a flop show continuously. The fate of the exhibitions in metros and Tier 2 cities are all alike.

    From the exhibitors perspective the market has become a complete pandemonium. The exhibitors are confused, while they receive 5 to 10 calls daily, as to where to participate. Moreover the exhibitors have no clue of the credentials of the event organisers. Therefore, in the recent past we have seen a few exhibitors have burnt their hands while taking the uninformed decision of committing to participate in such scruples events. In the process the exhibitors have lost their hard earned money, manpower and energy.

    Before entering into the contract of participating in the event, the exhibitor needs to check and clarify the credentials of the exhibitors. They need to understand how old the company is, what are the achievements of the organizer in their respective field, what kind of relations do they enjoy with the industry, as promotional media, what is their reach in the industry, their capability of executing different operations right from the media reach to organizing events and so on. Not the least, the promoter’s credential is also of the utmost importance.

    Glimpses of Auto EV India 2022-

    The Organizer- New Delhi Print Media Pvt. Ltd. (NDPM), incorporated in April 2010, is India’s most diversified b2b media group with power brands across electronics and technology publications. NDPM harps on print, online, digital publications, seminars, research, databases and exhibitions in the b2b technology domain to strategic global markets.

    New Delhi Print Media Group offers a diverse set of print, web and digital /electronic media resources that delivers unparalleled coverage of technology domain across multiple industry segments.

    Please find below the publications, exhibitions, and services we offer to the industry:

    1. ELE Times – Monthly magazine on core electronic technology – with a monthly print run of 40000 copies and 2.5 Lakh readership.
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    5. – news and technology portal on electric vehicles, related technologies and paraphernalia – with 2.5 Lakh+ users and 4 Lakh+ page views.
    6. Auto EV India 2022 This is the exhibition and conference on electric vehicle, powertrain, battery, chargers, material, software and testing etc. – Expecting 150+ exhibitors and 30000+ visitors. (65 booking confirmed as on 22.May 2022)

    Along with publications please find below the services we provide to the industry:

    Generating the highest quality queries through integrated marketing packages including print, newsletters, web banners, online, and custom projects. Chosen-Markets Leader–delivering unparalleled coverage to design engineering and OEM markets. Partners with the most respected brands in the industry and reaches out to India & selected Global destinations. The media has deep inroads into the technology domain of highly specified audiences across the industries.

    Media reach:

    With all the media together, NDPM has a cumulative reach of 10 Lakh+ industry professionals every month in India and the rest of the world that make us the unparalleled media in the world.

    The ordinary approach of tapping into EV opportunities may turn out to be a disaster. So look before you leap and take the informed decision.