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    Exploring the Range of Technologies from Permanent Magnets Ltd.

    Explore the Latest Automotive Technologies and Solutions from Permanent Magnets Ltd. exclusively at Auto EV India 2022 from 9th to 11th November 2022 at KTPO Bengaluru.

    Permanent Magnets Limited is among the flagship companies of Taparia Group, Mumbai, and a front-runner among young, lively, and growing companies. PML magnets are utilized extensively in key business sectors like electronics, power meters, automobile industries, telecommunication, defense, space research, aeronautics, rail transport, and power generation.

    Following are the services and technologies that will be displayed by them at the Auto EV India 2022-


    We design various current sensing components (Ferro magnetic and Shunts) and
    modules. Our expertise lies in optimizing the design regarding material, geometry, and
    environment. These components are typically used in current sensing, position sensing,
    and shielding applications.
    System optimization and simulation
    We analyze and optimize your magnetic sensor system by means of FEM modeling. We
    meet the demands of compact system design, optimum material choice (performance vs. cost) and other aspects such as thermal power dissipation and high-frequency behavior. Based on our expertise and networking partners we provide effective and efficient solutions.
    We support your “design-in” by manufacturing customer-specific prototypes from design to
    characterization. We assist you in all aspects of quality control and the required equipment
    for your production line.
    Software Used:
    ● Mechanical Designs/drafting and Analysis: Progecad, Solidworks, Fusion 360
    ● 2D and 3D Mechanical/Metallurgical/Magnetic Simulations: Comsol, FEMM
    ● Electrical Designs/Simulations: LT Spice and Altium
    ● PCB Design: Altium and Kicad

    Plastic over molding:

    All Molding services over a wide range of Engineering works including tolerances in minute
    Available machines:
    Vertical injection molding – 25 ton
    Vertical injection molding – 85 ton
    Horizontal injection molding-Dr. Boy – 25T (for small precision parts)
    Horizontal injection molding Ferromatik – 110T

    Hot Chamber Multi Slide Zamak Die Casting:

    Die casting is the process in which molten metal is poured or forced into a steel mold. Die
    casting is the most efficient process for high volume precision parts producing the best
    tolerance & rapid production. The mold known as tools or dies are created using
    steel and they are specially designed for each project. This allows each component to be
    created with accuracy and repeatability. Aluminum, Zinc, and Magnesium are the most
    commonly used die-casting alloys. Die casting is a cost-effective process for components requiring high volumes and complex geometries. Die casting is a net-shape process, and
    cost savings can be achieved by eliminating secondary machining and assembly
    operations required by other processes.

    MCB Folded components:

    At PML, we have added new high-speed Multi-slide presses, for manufacturing box or
    cage terminals or Terminal Connectors, high-volume metal links, etc. The range of
    Terminal Connectors include cage/box terminals for Electric MCB’s, Energy Meters, Hose
    Clamps, etc. Depending on the size & shape of these parts, the multi-slide automate can produce @ 50 – 60 pcs/min. Furthermore, we are offering Switch terminal connectors in varied size, shapes, material compositions, standards, grades, finishing, coating and more based on custom specification. These machines can produce High precision & close tolerance Metal components up to 2 mm thickness & with production speed of 40-60 pcs per minute

    Sand molding/Melting/polishing

    Melting of virgin and scrap alloys to make ingots of Super alloys
    Melting of scrap powder and grinding of various alloys to recover pure metal in Ingot form :
    Expertise in melting of Manganese alloy & Nickel alloy grinding.
    Manufacturing and supply of super alloy powder Cobalt and Nickel base.
    Manufacturing and supply of Tungsten and Tungsten carbide powder

    Heat Treatment

    All heat treatment cycles consists of three basic steps.
    1)Heating the charge
    2)Holding at high temperature(Soaking)
    3)Controlled cooling
    Soaking or holding at a high temperature helps in purifying the charge and forming
    a magnetically permeable microscopic structure. During controlled cooling, this microscopic
    structure is fixed and an increase in magnetic permeability is locked in. Depending on the
    soaking and cooling time the entire process typically takes about 20 to 35 hrs.
    To produce components with desired magnetic performance PML has developed distinct
    heat treatment cycles for each material. These treatments are generally performed after all
    manufacturing/fabrication processes are completed.
    PML uses pure dry Hydrogen and/or Nitrogen (as and when relevant) atmosphere
    furnaces to achieve best magnetic properties.

    Nano crystalline Current Transformer

    PML has the facility to make cores of various sizes in nanocrystalline and amorphous
    material with ribbon thickness of 25-35 microns. The cores are made on the automatic core
    winding machine to give a very high production rate. The cores are finally heat treated in
    a controlled atmosphere in our high-tech furnace to achieve optimum material performance.
    Later cores are then plastic encapsulated or epoxy coated as per the customer
    requirement and tested 100% for quality performance on core sorting machines and

    Details for contacting as below:
    Company Name:Permanent magnets limited,Mumbai
    Contact person:Swapnil D.Khochare
    Mobile no:8591941680



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