Thursday, June 1, 2023
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    In Two Years, West Bengal Aims to Build 1000 EV charging Stations

    In order to promote higher use of environmentally friendly cars, the West Bengal government said on Wednesday that it plans to install 1000 charging stations for EVs within the next two years, an official said. According to Power Secretary S Suresh Kumar, people are not purchasing EVs because of their expensive price and lack of charging infrastructure.

    “We have teamed up with a private organization to bring the EV Expo to Kolkata in order to raise awareness and help people’s misconceptions about electric vehicles become clearer. Within the next two years, we intend to install 1000 charging stations “Kumar said to the press.

    According to him, the government ought to handle the backend as it does with power while oil corporations are in charge of setting up the front ends for pricing. On four-lane highways, the government intends to install one charging station every 25 kilometers, and in urban areas, one station every three square kilometers.

    Anuj Sharma, president of the Electric Vehicle Federation, stated that they had discussions with the state government about establishing an industrial development zone similar to the EV Park where producers of various EV accessories and parts will be located.