Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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    Komaki launches Fire-Resistant affordable e-Scooter

    EV company Komaki on Monday launched a new high-speed electric two-wheeler VENICE ECO that is available in the country at Rs 79,000. The VENICE ECO is equipped with fire-resistant Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LiPO4) technology and a real-time lithium battery analyzer that doesn’t lead to a fire in extreme cases as cells contain iron.

    The new EV two-wheeler is designed with a third-generation TFT screen which helps in better navigation and stress-free ride, said the company. “With the addition of VENICE ECO on the Indian road, Komaki will further expand its presence in the sector,” said by Gunjan Malhotra, director of Komaki Electric Division.

    “In view of the massive acceptance of our previously-registered models by the Indian customers, I am optimistic that VENICE ECO will soon become synonymous to electric vehicles”, she added. The number of cells in the electric two-wheeler is reduced by one-third, which helps reduce the cumulative heat generated inside the battery pack.

    The fire-resistant LFP technology, accompanied by advanced BMS/Multiple thermal sensors, assures the safety of the advanced EVs, said the company. Komaki VENICE ECO comes in garnet red, Sacramento green, jet black, metallic blue, bright orange, and silver chrome colors.