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    PRAGYATMIKA: Empowering EV, Automotive, and E-Mobility with Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions and Safe Design Lifecycle

    PRAGYATMIKA stands out as a leading provider of effective technology solutions for the EV, automotive, and e-mobility sectors. Their comprehensive services go beyond technological solutions, encompassing the provision of highly skilled professionals capable of managing the entire design-to-production process and ensuring a secure and safe EV design lifecycle. In an interview with Himanshu Vaibhav, Technology Journalist at www.timesev.com, Mrs Rupam Jha, CEO of PRAGYATMIKA, discussed their continuous efforts to provide and enhance technical solutions for the lifecycle of Lithium-ion batteries. This includes advancements in battery chemistries, characteristics, life estimations, safety considerations, and battery electronics, all contributing to the advancement of the EV, automotive, and e-mobility industries.

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    Timesev.com: Provide an overview of your company’s profile.

    Rupam Jha: Together with the next generation of innovators, PRAGYATMIKA strives to shape the future of technology, ease human efforts and create the better intelligent world we live in.

    At PRAGYATMIKA, we are envisioned for Innovation with Intelligence. Our great vision lies in our core principles which make us continuously strive for “Making new Innovative Intelligent Digital Technology”, “Sharing Knowledge among Peers with openness”, “Handholding and nurturing all them related” and “Pioneering the domain excellence”.

    Founded in 2019, PRAGYATMIKA is strong in Technology and Delivery under the leadership of Mrs Rupam Jha and Mr Amit Kumar and proving its name true while working in All Intelligent Technology domains to ease life. To achieve our great vision, we are mentored by top experienced scientists from BARC, DRDO, IIT, etc.

    Our Services which we offer to our clients are the following:

    Technology Design, R&D, Re-engineering:

    We provide complete Technology Consultancy and R&D services for the projects/products while working with the OEMs.  

    Our domains are:

    • SMART Electronics Systems and Products
    • E-Mobility, Electric Vehicles and Battery Technologies
    • Energy Conservation, Monitoring and Renewable Energy
    • Medical Instrumentation and Automation
    • Grid-based Pollution Control and Air Quality Monitoring
    • Drones & UAVs
    • Power Electronics Systems
    • Instrumentation & Control Systems

    LIVE Technology Training:

    Our All-LIVE TRAINING Programs are ONLINE Delivered through FACULTY with LIVE HANDS-ON Support accessed Virtually. We also provide Training on HYBRID mode where theory is delivered ONLINE and Hands-On is delivery OFFLINE

    Our LIVE Training Program enables to:

    • Attend Your Training from any part of the world. Separate Batch timings for different Time Zones
    • HANDS ON through Remotely Accessible Hardware and Microcontroller Development Board
    • Technology support, LMS and Mandatory Projects post Training

    Domains of Training:

    • Embedded Systems and IoT
    • Industrial IoT & IoT Security
    • E-automotive, E-Vehicles, Li-Ion Batteries, Green Hydrogen
    • Drones & UAVs
    • AR & VR
    • Entrepreneurship

    Centre Of Excellence:

    To harness the technology and include the young talented brains in the technology space PRAGYATMIKA is actively working with like-minded Academic organizations, Research Organizations to establish a Centre of Excellence in all upcoming technology domains like Industrial IoT, E Vehicles, Li-Ion Battery, Drones & UAVs, AR &VR, etc. Currently, COEs are active in NCR, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

    Technology Consultancy:

    We provide Technology Consultancy in the domains of:

    • EMS Plant Setup
    • EV Plant Setup
    • Li-Ion Battery Plant Setup
    • Fleet Operation
    • Technology Auditing and Consultancy
    • Drones Policies

    Timesev.com: Provide an overview of your company’s product profile and the application industries.

    Rupam Jha: PRAGYATMIKA is a service-based organization which actively works with OEMs on their Projects and Products to make live the technology.

    Our Products are the services which we offer for R&D, Technology Training and Consultancy.

    R&D Services:

    We offer R&D services for projects and translate them into product form. We provide our thorough services for Electronics Systems, Microcontrollers, Embedded Systems, IoT, and E-AI systems design and integration of technology. We develop and produce the technology from very scratch up to the manufacturing stage and implement them in the working prototype and product.

    Technology Training:

    Under Technology Training, we provide technology training to the professionals, company engineers, manufacturers, Faculties of Engineering institutions, passing out students and studying students of ECE, E&I, CS, Mech, etc. on the latest technology domains related to Microcontrollers, Industrial IoT, IoT Security, E-AI, Li-Ion Batteries, Green Hydrogen, etc.  For certification, we work with international organizations like TOOOPLE Technologies, Singapore, NOCN, UK for Projects and Skilling.

    Technology Consultancy:

    Our Technology consultancy services are for entrepreneurs, professionals, business persons and organizations who demand technology consultancy for their project initiatives. We provide technology consultancy services for EMS Plant setup, EV Plant setup, Li-Ion Battery plant, Li-Ion Battery Testing and certification, Fleet Operations, Technology auditing, Energy auditing, etc. Our key Application Domains are:

    1. Instrumentation and Control Systems
    2. E-Automotives, E-Vehicles
    3. Li-Ion Battery Electronics
    4. Medical Instrumentation
    5. Power Electronics Systems
    6. IoT Application and Implementation
    7. Agricultural Technologies
    8. Drones and UAVs
    9. Defense Systems
    10. Camera Applications

    Timesev.com: What are the key technology solutions you provide in the sector of EV, Automotive and E-mobility?

    Rupam Jha: In the Domain of E-Mobility, Automotive and EV, Our services are:

    1. Design and development of Vehicle’s Electronic components e.g. Motor Control Systems, Dashboard Development, GPS Navigation Systems, Automotive Lighting Systems etc.
    2. Design and Development of Li-Ion Battery Electronics, BMS, Battery authentication Systems, IoT-based Analytics Systems, etc.
    3. PCB Design and Electronics Hardware Development
    4. Post-production support on Technology
    5. Technology Re-engineering
    6. Training on E Vehicles Electronics Design and Development
    7. Modelling and Simulation of Electronics Systems
    8. Training on Li-Ion Battery Technology, Battery Electronics, BMS, and IoT Enablement.
    9. Consultancy on Fleet System Implementation, Fleet Technology Auditing, etc
    10. Implementation of IoT Security, Functional Safety, and Secure Design Life Cycle.

    Timesev.com: What solutions do you provide to companies who are looking for a highly-skilled professional who handles design to the production process and can create a safe and secure EV Design lifecycle?  

    Rupm Jha: For a technology-oriented company, we provide services for:

    1. Adequate Training of their manpower on the latest technology skills.
    2. Trained Manpower support to the companies through our initiative of the Centre of Excellence approach in EVs.

    Timesev.com: What specific technical solutions does your company offer to comprehensively comprehend the lifecycle of Lithium-ion batteries, including their chemistries, characteristics, life estimations, safety considerations, and battery electronics?

    Rupam Jha: For Li-Ion Batteries, we offer a complete end-to-end service concerning technology.

    Our services in the domain are:

    1. Technology Training on Li-Ion Battery Design, Testing, Simulation, Certification, Repurposing, etc.
    2. Development and R&D Support of Battery Electronics Components like BMS, Charge Status Displays, Battery Authentication Systems, IoT Based Battery Analytics, etc.
    3. Services on Modelling and Selection of Cells for Application.
    4. BMS and Battery Analytics Solutions.

    Timesev.com: What unique experience are you offering to learn about EV Systems Engineering?

    Rupam Jha: We offer a specialized Training Program for Learning the Design and Development of EV Systems Engineering and the Re-energizing system associated with it. Our training programs are designed specifically based on the requirements of the design and development industry.

    The training program is operated in Hybrid Mode and with remote access to Electronics Hardware for learning on board while sitting in the comfort of your workplace or home. Each Training program has a mandatory project associated with it and the learners can earn International Project Qualification Certification from NOCN, UK through our association with the Partner organization.

    Timesev.com: What business approach do you adopt, and how does it give you a competitive edge over your industry counterparts?

    Rupam Jha: We are service focused organization which beliefs in the value of Core Technology, The manpower associated and the clients who trust in us. With our varied operations in multiple domains, we are always at less of risk of domain-specific recession or seasonal business approach. With the good of operations in R&D and Training both, we always have a competitive edge over our counterparts with the ample availability of trained manpower to complete the projects in time, frequent updating of training syllabus to suit the industry demands and the most important to provide a safe and secure product and learning life cycle to the clients.

    Timesev.com: What are your planned initiatives or strategies for future business expansion?

    Rupam Jha: We are a growth-oriented organization and within 3 Years of our operation, we have proven the growth record by expanding over borders. We have development centres working in Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. We plan to extend our locations in Maharastra, Gujrat and North East region also very soon.

    We are providing Online Training to multiple European countries, African regions, and North and South American regions on various of latest generation technologies with the support of offshore teams. We are planning to expand our services in the European and North American region in the current Financial Year for the support of technology and training operations.



    Himanshu Vaibhav
    Himanshu Vaibhavhttps://www.timesev.com/
    Himanshu Vaibhav is a distinguished Technology Journalist associated with ELEtimes.com and TimesEV.com. With expertise in researching, writing, and editing, he demonstrates a deep understanding of technology, particularly in the EV industry. His continuous updates on EV, Automotive, and E-mobility industries reflect his commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging trends.

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