Friday, June 9, 2023
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    Ceat introduces EV Tyres specially built for Electric Buses

    Winenergy X3-R tyres have been introduced by Ceat Tyres which are specially built for electric buses and are being progressively rolled out on urban roads. The manufacturer claims that the tyres’ features have been tested for ride and handling and had proven in EV fleets across the country. 

    The EV tyres will be available in two sizes- 295/80R22.5 and 225/70R22.5

    “Data has shown that these tyres deliver 30% higher mileage, 30% better rolling resistance, and 50% reduction in tyre noise as compared to regular tyres. These parameters are particularly important in EV vehicles,” the company said in a statement. 

    According to Ceat, its recently released EV-specific tyres satisfy the prerequisites for electric vehicles. For increased power delivery from the electric motor, these tyres have a tubeless, all-steel construction. For greater mileage, they also have low rolling resistance.

    Better rigidity and tyre traction, noise-dampening FaF, and tread-buckling resistance BRIC-T are further features. These tyres also include a special circuit design, a larger contact, and stronger sidewalls. These features were all deliberately incorporated into these tyres to improve traction and provide reliable performance in all conditions.

    “Indian cities can look forward to the further deployment of electric buses which provide for a sustainable, air and noise pollution-free transit for commuters. With the launch of CEAT’s WINENERGY X3-R EV tyres we are pleased to be able to offer tyres specifically designed for our EV OEMs, and to help in making urban transport cost-effective, cleaner, and smoother,” said Arnab Banerjee.