Sunday, June 4, 2023
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    Karnataka saw a Substantial Increase in the Registration of EVs

    According to figures from the ministry of road transport and roads, the state has seen an almost 1,500% growth in the registration of EVs in the last three years (MoRTH). EV registrations increased from 6,150 in 2019 to 95,856 in 2022.
    In October (10,787) and November of last year, monthly EV registrations surpassed 10,000. (10,960). In the state, there are 2.9 crore vehicles, of which 1.5 lakh are electric vehicles, comprising 1.3 lakh two-wheelers and 9,831 autos.
    The growth in e-vehicle registrations, according to experts, is caused by rising gasoline prices, cheaper maintenance costs, improved knowledge, and the availability of more models from more manufacturers.

    The director of energy technology and sustainable transportation, Pawan Mulukutla, said: “Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, is known for being one of the first places to adopt new technologies; it is also a startup hub and the location of several e-mobility companies.
    People are increasingly knowledgeable and concerned about the environment, battery-powered two-wheelers are now more affordable than gasoline-powered ones, and more RWAs and highrises are establishing charging infrastructure.”

    Mulukutla contends that the government should now concentrate on enticing motorists to switch to EVs. The state government exempted all EVs from paying road tax in March 2016. However, a lot of other states and UTs provide financial incentives for EVs in addition to road tax exemptions.

    The 100% road tax exemption granted to battery-powered vehicles is currently being considered for termination by the Karnataka transport department. The cost of EVs will be higher here if allowed.

    “In the upcoming years, we anticipate a further increase in the state’s electric vehicle sales. The administration will decide soon whether to end the exemption from paying road taxes. Otherwise, there will be a significant decrease in the revenue from vehicle registrations, so we will need to levy a tiny percentage of road tax on EVs “explained a representative of the transport ministry.

    All EV registration fees across the nation have already been waived. All battery-powered vehicles are exempt from paying “fees for the purpose of issue or renewal of registration certificate,” according to a MoRTH announcement made in August 2021.

    There are currently 19.3 lakh electric vehicles in the nation. There are 4.9 lakhs in Uttar Pradesh, 1.94 lakhs in Maharashtra, 1.91 lakhs in Delhi, and 1.91 lakhs in Karnataka (1.5 lakhs). While EVs only made up 0.4% of all vehicles registered in 2019, their share of all registrations rose to 6.3% in 2022.