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    Radar Echo Generation by Rohde and Schwarz

    Explore the Latest Automotive Technologies and Solutions from Rohde and Schwarz exclusively at Auto EV India 2022 from 9th to 11th November 2022 at KTPO Bengaluru.

    Developing new automotive radar sensors, radar-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), or Autonomous Driving (AD) features have demanding challenges, during each step of the development process. Dynamic, flexible, and scalable test concepts and test environments are required.

    The R&S®AREG800A Automotive Radar Echo Generator together with the R&S®QAT100 advanced antenna array is an advanced and innovative key enabler for testing automotive radar sensors and ADAS/AD features. When operated together, independent artificial objects can be generated with individual object distance, object size, radial velocity and angular direction. This enables for the first time the generation of realistic driving scenarios for automotive radar sensors during development and ADAS/AD feature tests.

    The R&S®AREG100A Automotive Radar Echo Generator is a robust solution tailored for the production testing of automotive radar sensors. With the R&S®AREG100A, production engineers profit from a perfect balance of flexibility of test cases and at the same time simple and robust operation.


    R&S®AREG800A automotive radar echo generator

    • Generation of multiple dynamic artificial objects with individual distance, object size, radial velocity, and angular direction
    • Fully harmonized with R&S®QAT100 advanced antenna array and classical mmW frontends for advanced tests in all automotive radar bands
    • Future proof with instantaneous bandwidths of up to 4 GHz
    • Generation of dynamic objects with minimum distances down to <4 m for short-range radar testing
    • Built-in HiL processor and interface for synchronization of multiple R&S®AREG800As to generate large scenarios


    R&S®QAT100 Advanced antenna array

    • Extremely flexible and scalable system
    • High radial resolution and field-of-view coverage
    • 4 GHz instantaneous RF bandwidth
    • Reduced close-range reflections and multipath


    R&S®AREG100A automotive radar echo generator

    • Supports 24 GHz, 77 GHz, and 79 GHz automotive radar sensors
    • Future proof with instantaneous bandwidths of up to 4 GHz
    • 4 m minimum artificial object distance for short-range radar testing
    • Up to 4 artificial objects at fixed distances at the same time
    • Controllable radial velocity for each artificial object individually or for all artificial objects together

    Courtesy: Rohde and Schwarz