Thursday, June 1, 2023
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    New Citroen with Two Engine Options to Launch C3 on July 20

    Stellantis-owned Citroen on Tuesday unveiled the upcoming C3 model in India. The SUV will be launched on July 20 and pre-bookings for the new model will begin from July 1.

    According to the automaker, C3 will have higher levels of localisation. Engines and transmissions will be made at its Hosur plant.

    It comes with two engines a 1.2 with 82PS/5MT and a turbocharged 1.2 with 110PS./6MT and gets a boot space of 315L.

    C3 will be available in four exterior colour options, two dual-tone options of roof, gets 180 ground clearance.

    The carmaker said that the seats have been made in a theatre style where rear seats have 27 mm extra height than the front seats.

    With the new model, the company is targeting the “young, progressive customers” in the country